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 So many people suffer with pain, tension and stress that effects our daily lives. Our daily routine plays a significant part in how we feel and so often we are so busy taking care of others that we forget ourselves. That pain in your hip when you stand up, or the constant ache in your lower back that just wont go away. How about the pain that radiates from the middle of your back to your shoulders and into the back of your head. These are signs that your body is telling you it wants to heal. It needs some care and it needs a break. Sometimes we forget what it feels like to live without pain!  Massage can help by targeting and releasing those tight muscles leaving you feeling more relaxed with greater range of motion.

 Massage is not just a luxury- it is an integral part of keeping you healthy, helping to  PREVENT injuries by helping your body work at its optimum functionality.

 Different hands-on techniques are used in integrated massage to promote physiological changes. This is achieved by primarily focusing on the fascial system, or the body’s connective tissue. As a somatic therapy, this type of massage often coincides with guided movement and other bodywork techniques to help stimulate atrophied muscles and release compressed soft tissue. Integrated massage therapy is also useful in the management of pain.  Aside from increasing the flow of blood and oxygen to muscles, it also improves joint flexibility. Practitioners credit these benefits to an increase in the production and release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkiller.

  If your looking for Total relaxation, Stress relief, or pain relief, we will tailor each session to you. You will not find a drive in menu of options to choose from. I offer integrated sessions that are tailored to your individual needs and desires. It is 60 or 90 minutes and you decide what you want to get out of the session. 

We will discuss your concerns and plan your session based on the outcome you desire. This time is for you. Lets make that time the best investment you could make for yourself.

No time is cut off of your session for clean up or preparation. You get the FULL 60 or 90 minutes.

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